and now for a big cup of self efficacy.

Have you ever been reluctant to try something new because it just seemed too out of reach? Too far out of your comfort zone to even know where to begin?

Have you ever kicked butt at something else? Maybe you started out pretty good, then you mastered the technique, and then you found ways to do it even better?

There’s good news for you! Psychological and behavioral research reveals a significant correlation between self-efficacy beliefs and the initiation and maintenance of health behaviors.

According to Albert Bandura,

Self-efficacy is the belief in one’s capabilities to organize and execute the courses of action required to manage prospective situations.

The belief that one can control stressful events is related to emotional well-being, successful coping, health behaviors, better performance on cognitive tasks, and good health. It has even been linked to a lower risk of mortality (Taylor, 2012).

What makes you great? What goal have you achieved? Is it a skill you have mastered?

How did you do it? Did you write a timetable? Enlist help? Reward yourself for accomplishments along the way?

Because if you can write a few bids, cut all of your hair off in one fell swoop, or even drag a gigantic trash can filled full of sand and rocks through a ton more sand…. You can do anything.

Sunflower Fruit.

A sunflower seed is a dry, indehiscent fruit called an achene.

That’s right!  Grow thousands of your own dry, indehiscent fruits with beautiful sunflowers.

These fruit-filled flowers also attract pollinators for your less fragrant fruits.  Pollinators include, but are not limited to, butterflies.

Plus!  Sunflower seeds are full of heart-healthy fats.

Sunflowers – They are the bees knees.


Life is all about balance and berries.

For example, today I had grape-flavored Fanta and cashews for breakfast.  Grapes are berries.  Grape-flavored Fanta contains 0% real berry juice in it, but it is full of delicious sugar and natural berry flavors.  It also is carbonated which I enjoy in a beverage from time to time.

Cashews are full of delicious fats and have a bit of protein that balance all of the wonderful sugar in any flavor of Fanta.

The cashews provide metabolic balance to a Fanta-based breakfast.

Then I picked two (2) chocolate cherry berries, and I ate those as well.  One was less ripe, and for that reason, more tart, than the other.  Both chocolate cherry berry tomatoes were delicious.  These little berries are 100% natural flavor.

I do not have a picture to share with you at the moment because I have not yet brushed my teeth.  Don’t worry though.  I ate breakfast while lying in a unicorn behind my condo.  I am also wearing sunscreen.

During the week I wake up berry early so occasionally on the weekend I sleep in a bit.

I shall include a picture of Jay and me from last week when Jay was wearing a scarf and I was wearing a hat.

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