According to its Standard of Identity (SOI), pasta is made from Durham wheat.  There are many different pasta shapes, but it is all Durham wheat.  Pasta also doesn’t have eggs in it.  Except for egg noodles.  Egg noodles are a little different.

Durham wheat is a type of fruit that is botanically classified as a caryopsis.

It is Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that your noodles are made out of fruit.

Pasta also has about seven (7) grams of protein per serving.  One (1) serving of pasta has about the same amount of protein in it as one (1) egg.

One (1) serving of pasta is about one (1) handful of pasta – but not a heaping handful.

Pasta.  It’s delicious.

Sunflower Fruit.

A sunflower seed is a dry, indehiscent fruit called an achene.

That’s right!  Grow thousands of your own dry, indehiscent fruits with beautiful sunflowers.

These fruit-filled flowers also attract pollinators for your less fragrant fruits.  Pollinators include, but are not limited to, butterflies.

Plus!  Sunflower seeds are full of heart-healthy fats.

Sunflowers – They are the bees knees.